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A ConDem anti-cuts group?

An unusual letter, by a "group" unrelated to the established Darlington against Cuts campaign, appeared in The Northern Echo on Saturday:

WHEN Jenny Chapman stood for election she told us, quite rightly, that she was a local woman who would stand up for local services. She told us that she was proud to live in Darlington and that helped her get elected.

How ironic, then, that three of the six people (soon to be three of five once Cliff Brown leaves) who are steering Darlington into devastating cuts do not live in Darlington, are not users of our services, and have no long-term commitment to Darlington.

"One Darlington - Perfectly Placed" is the council's community strategy and it talks about Darlington being a good place to live and work.

However the ruling Labour group is allowing senior staff to make hurried cuts which will leave Darlington not such a good place to live and work.

While we understand the arguments about cuts, we feel the rush to be the first to instigate them is shameful. As a group of concerned citizens, we ask that more time is spent thinking through the effects of what is planned. Should we really be cutting our front-line services, or should we spend more time looking at what the private or voluntary sector can deliver? Wouldn't you rather see a private company emptying your bins than see the closure of a children's centre? - Darlington NoToCuts residents group, address supplied

I'm a resident of Darlington, and I'd be interested to know if this group has any links to either of the parties which are implementing the cuts nationally whilst opposing them locally...?

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