progress is not the elimination of struggle, but rather a change in its terms’ - Aneurin Bevan

David Miliband on co-operatives

I contributed a question to Labour Uncut's crowdsourced interview with David Miliband, a strong contender in the Labour leadership contest:
Q. (from James) The co-operative sector is a growing part of the UK economy. What would you do as leader to promote the creation of more co-owned firms in the private sector?
A. I think that there’s a couple of reasons that people are attracted by the co-op sector. One is it gives people more power. I think secondly it reflects a sense of team work that is more important. And thirdly one of the lessons people have drawn from the banking crisis is that markets need morals and rules. And co-ops seem to live by them. I think we can do that in the public as well as the private sector. And the tories are talking about this but they’re only talking about more power for staff not for citizens as well. I think the best forms of co-ops bridge that divide. I think in the private sector the most obvious candidate is Northern Rock where the mutualisation of Northern Rock would be a very big addition to the cooperative sector.

Though the growth of the co-operative sector, and the role of co-ops in delivering public services is adequately addressed - you will notice that the substance of the question isn't answered.

My worry is that co-operative enterprise is seen as window-dressing rather than a central part of Labour's economic agenda.

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